Tuf Skin Pump Spray

Tuf-Skin spray, made by Cramer. This is a giant 8oz can in a non-aerosol pump spray bottle. Tuf-skin is used for better grip and tougher skin for all aerialists and acrobats.

Train harder, for longer. When your hands begin to sweat, give out, and you can't keep training because your grip is done. Use Tough-Skin. It gives a rosin like grip that allows your muscles to relax while still maintaining a safe grip on your apparatus.

-  Won't stain skin, clothes, or apparatus
-  Extra large 8oz can
-  Easy to apply pump spray application
-  No residue formula won't gum up your fabric
-  Colorless spray

Dimensions 8oz bottle
Materials Pump Spray Rosin Mixture

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