Wrist Wraps

These wrist wraps come in a a pair of wraps, each one approx 42 inches long. You will also cut them to a custom length for your wrists. Most aerialists need around 36inches per wrist. You will most likely have extra cloth left over.

Cloth wrist wraps have been a circus secret for ages and  are amazing for aerial and acrobatic training. Not only do they give you valuable wrist support and strength, but they will provide a solid (and not sweaty) grip point for any doubles routines. If you are holding wrist to wrist without wraps - You are working too hard. 

Get a set of 100% cotton wraps that will protect, support, and ease your training. They will allow you to easily and safely complete skills that would be much more difficult otherwise. Stop training without wraps. Get them today and thank us tomorrow.

Dimensions 84 inches total length
Materials 100% cotton

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