Aerial and Acrobatic Workshops

Whether you own a studio, a circus company, or just want to hire one of our professionals to come teach a private lesson for you and your friends, we have qualified, experienced and exceptional coaches on staff who teach across the United States as well as internationally.


We offer classes, workshops, clinics, and special series for any apparatus or circus act. We also offer teacher training programs which cover everything from spotting and curriculum development to equipment rigging and studio setup.

Some of our general workshops:  
Aerial Silks Lyra
Flexibility/Contortion Aerial Conditioning
Aerial Duets Partner Balancing
Or more specific clinics such as:  
Utilizing Free-Fall Within a Routine Performing with Motors/Winches
Hand Ties and Strength Moves Aerial Rigging
Creating Choreography/Sequencing Teacher Training/Spotting Technique

Our most common workshops:

aerial fabric, lyra, trapeze, hammock, partner balancing, hand to hand, choreography, aerial flexibility and conditioning.




For more information or to book any of our workshops, please call: 323-454-3151


We keep costs low and always give back to the studio hosting the classes. Safety, Fun, and Involvement are always keys in our workshops. 
‚ÄčNobody is left out and everybody will be smiling (and sweating) together.

Some of our recent workshop experiences: