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Chinese Pole has been an incredibly difficult act to set up historically. Not anymore thanks to Pole Sleeves! These sleeves are the best you can get and slide right on to your existing pole. You can see them in use with Cirque du Soleil's worldwide tour of Totem and on stage at Chinese Pole Competitions all around the world.

There is simply nothing better than Pole Sleeves for true Chinese Pole acrobatics.

Pole Sleeves allows anyone to learn pole acrobatics with the added friction, support, cushion, and safety of a rubberized pole surface.

Our sleeves are easy to install and create an incredible surface for pole acrobatics at any level.  From kids classes, to club numbers, to professional touring productions, everyone who has tried Pole Sleeves knows how great these products are.

All pole studios offer traditional brass or steel poles, but without any additional hardware needed, Pole Sleeves allows studio owners to transform an existing dance pole into a professional Chinese pole. Suddenly their studio is ready for a whole new world of exploration for their students and possibly an entire new clientele for new classes. You can now perform all the same moves on your pole, while still wearing your jeans! This allows instructors to market to an entire audience of clients who are less than comfortable in booty shorts.

**Pole Sleeves require an air blower or air compressor for installation and removal. Please email us for instructions if you are unfamiliar with installing Pole Sleeves.**

**If your pole is in between lengths, choose the longer length - the Pole Sleeves can be cut to size using a sharp razor knife.**

**If you are purchasing our Flying Pole, the 42 mm, 10 ft Pole Sleeve is the correct fit for this pole.**

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