Lyra Ladder

Our LYRA LADDER is a brand new apparatus with endless possibilities! The stacked hoops give a mesmerizing look while spinning, and the apparatus is a versatile enough for one, two or even three performers. This apparatus will give you an opportunity to create an act that is brand new and unique!

Each lyra ladder set includes three small hoops and two black quick links. Each hoop measures 20" for the inside diameter. Each hoop is powder-coated black for weather-resistance and easy taping. Use it as it is, or try our premium bar tape for a colorful look and better grip!

Due to recent postal service changes our lyras and specialty apparatuses are now considered oversize items. This means that we must ship them with FedEx or UPS, and we CANNOT ship them with USPS. Quotes provided at checkout may be inaccurate for international shipping. We will contact international customers regarding additional shipping costs.

Dimensions 20" each hoop, inside diameter
Weight 6.6 lbs (each hoop)

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  • $400.00
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