Complete Silks Setup

This complete silks setup gives you everything you'll need to rig your first aerial silks setup. It includes our low stretch fabric cut to your length, an aerial swivel, two steel carabiners, and an aluminum Aerial-8. As long as you have a safe rig point to clip into, this is a complete set of equipment for your next aerial performance.

They are machine washable and should be dried on medium/low heat. Please, only use front loading washing/drying machines with aerial fabric.

Many studios will also refer to this fabric as "non stretch" but it does have some give and we believe "non stretch" is a misnomer. It is 110" wide and made from 100% polyester tricot. It has a shiny finish, catches the light beautifully, and is a great performance fabric.

Wondering what length silk to purchase? Check out our sizing formula.

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