General Safety Info

Understanding your equipment and our services


We are proud to only provide equipment that meets and exceeds ratings in CE, UIAA and ANSI (Z359.1) standards. Our equipment complies with all fall protection, rescue, and human transportation requirements. Our equipment is manufactured by Ace Metal Products (an ISO-9001-2008 certified company) and all products are third-party tested for quality and strength to ensure consistency. We are proud to support an American manufacturer.


Use of our products however, is at your own risk. No aerial act, rehearsal, training, or performance should be undertaken without the consult of a professional aerial coach for instruction, and professional rigger for installation. By purchasing this product you are assuming all responsibility for your own safety. You must routinely inspect your fabric for any wear, tear, which can occur after repeated use. Small tears may be sewn closed without affecting the fabrics integrity, but we always recommend replacing torn fabric immediately. We do not advise using fabric that is compromised in any way from its original condition.


We are not responsible for any mishaps, injuries or damages resulting from your use of our products. Our products are rigorously tested and are safe for aerial instruction and performance. But like any tool, our products are only reliable if used properly. Never forget the dangers of suspending yourself from any height without a safety system in place.


Feel free to contact us for rigging recommendations and safety info. We hope you enjoy our products are keep flying.