Pole Wrap

Pole Wrap can turn any pole into an acrobatic pole! Quick and easy to install and take down at the end of your training, Pole Wrap can take your pole training to the next level by creating a cushioned grip that is better than a bare metal pole.

With many other applications, Pole Wrap can improve your performance on a variety of apparatuses.

When using Pole Wrap, take care of it by refraining from wearing any jewelry or buckles that may damage your wrap. When installing, do not overstretch the wrap. Just a light pull is needed to make sure there are no bubbles or wrinkles.

SMALL: 6 inches wide by 7 feet long to cover approximately 5 ft of 45mm pole

MEDIUM: 6 inches wide by 10.5 feet long to cover approximately 7 ft 6 in of 45mm pole

LARGE: 6 inches wide by 14 feet long to cover approximately 9-10 ft of 45mm pole

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