Trapeze Ropes

These trapeze ropes are made from high strength spun polyester which makes them super soft and comfy for wraps and poses.

These 1" trapeze ropes have soft eyes spliced in each end of the rope for simple and convenient rigging. They are approximately 7 ft long (**see note below). This listing is for a pre-stretched, matching set - however, they might stretch a small amount more after hours of use.

The eyes have been spliced with a core to core dependent class one certified splice and they are have been pull tested past 5,000lbs without any deformation or fatigue.

The diamond braid pattern provides excellent comfort and is preferred for beginners and professionals alike.

These ropes are also great for a double point lyra setup. We recommend our snagless shackles for attaching to trapeze bars and lyras!

**Please note, due to the handmade nature of this item, we cannot guarantee that any ropes ordered will be the exact length. If you have a need for a very exact length, please include a note in your order at checkout. These ropes are a pre-stretched matching set and will not vary more than 8 inches from the description.

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