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This listing is for a pair of  tan AERIAL ANIMALS straps. This is a discontinued product with just one set remaining in our inventory. These do not come with cinches, but cinches can be purchased separately.

See description of Aerial Animals straps below from their website:

Aerial Animals straps have a cotton cover and integrated nylon fiber core.  The cotton provides comfort and the nylon provides strength. The standard aerial straps are 2 inches wide (1/8" shrinkage on dyed straps) ‚Äčand certified Minimum Breaking Strength 2900 lbs (see certification document below) which makes them a great beginner or conditioning strap. Straps are a soft good and should be retired after two years or 1500 hours of use:

Aerial Animals has made straps since 2013. Our webbing manufacturer quotes a 2400 lb breaking strength. The seams stitch pattern is designed to support 3200 lbs. In 2016 our straps were certified at 2900 lbs

January 2014, destruction tests produced the following data:  The cotton covering started to break around 1200 lbs and the nylon started to fail around 1700 lbs. The nylon stretched about 12 inches before any of the nylon fibers broke. Catastrophic failure did not occur. Test results showed the dye did not affect the breaking strength. In 2015, a test was conducted a set of straps which were heavily used for performing and teaching for over two years. These also failed between 1700 and 1800 lbs. In August 2016,  a set of straps which were used for over 3 years in studio conditions were tested. These straps showed excessive wear with much of the cotton cover worn away and the nylon fibers exposed and flattened. In test conditions, the straps stretched over three feet before the nylon fibers started to break at 1200 lbs. Again no catastrophic failure.  Note that these destruction numbers reflect a single strap not a set of straps.

Do not use Aerial Animals straps for dynamic drops or dislocs since the current strap MBS is 2900 lbs.  Consider using a bungee pack or rigging from a pulley system to reduce the impact of the forces generated verses a dead hung system. The current Aerial Animals strap is for beginners and conditioning only.  There have been tragic accidents on straps due to increased level of difficult tricks, lack of industry standards, using the wrong straps or old straps for higher level work, lack of user awareness or personal responsibility, and lack of basic safety procedures,  None of the accidents were on Aerial Animals straps.   Aerial Animals is working to produce a higher-level strap rated at 5000 lbs.  Know how much force you generate in high-level moves.  People can generate 4-9 times their weight or more. When someone is learning a new move, they may generate more force doing it wrong than one would expect. Be safe, be responsible, take care of your equipment, have adequate health insurance to cover a catastrophic accident and make sure your straps fabricator posts a certification documenting the minimum breaking strength. Know the limitations of your equipment.

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