Beam Clamp - slightly used

This listing is for beam clamps that were used a couple times and then exchanged for another product. There are no functional flaws with these clamps, but they do have some paint scuffing from where they were attached to the beam.

Our Beam Clamps are reliable and rugged, made of an all steel construction that is lightweight and durable.

  • WLL 2Tons
  • Light-Weight, Reliable and Super-Rugged.
  • All Steel Construction
  • Fits securely on beams with up to 9.25" flange widths, with a built-in suspension bar that facilitates close mounting.
  • Clamp-Jaw Design reduces flange stress by distributing the load away from the flange edge.
  • For Permanent or Temporary Mounting.

**Our D shaped carabiners (or XL Carabiners) will fit these beam clamps. However, our OVAL autolocks Do Not.**

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