Body Loops/Contortion Straps Setup

Here is the complete straps setup- ready to hang and start training!

Includes a 10 ft set of straps loops, and all the necessary hardware. As long as you have a solid rig point you are ready to clip in and begin.

Our professional straps loops are top of the line in construction, safety, comfort, and looks! 
These body loops are 10 ft in total length. They have a 9 foot body loop and a standard 7 inch loop on the other end. The 7 inch loop can be used to hang your straps, or flip them upside down to use the hand loop! They are currently available in black, red, and royal blue. These vibrant colors that will not fade!

They are made with a soft nylon that is both exceptionally strong, and fabulously comfy! These are NOT your typical nylon straps that cut into your arms, nor cotton tubing that holds no shape and has a breaking strength roughly half of ours.

This set has everything you need to hang from a safe rig point and explore the beautiful (and often painful) world of aerial straps.

Whether you prefer steel shackles or carabiners with autolocking, or a screw lock gate; we have the hardware for you along with beautifully vibrant straps. 

Option 1 includes one autolock black carabiner, three shackle swivels, and one triangle spreader plate.
Option 2 
includes one autolock carabiner, three swivels, one triangle spreader plate, three shackles, and two delta quick links.
Option 3 includes one autolock carabiner, three swivels, one triangle spreader plate, and five shackles.
Option 4 includes six autolock carabiners, three swivels, and one triangle spreader plate.

Custom lengths and colors are available, send us an email at to inquire about a custom order!

When ordering Option 1 some customers may wish to also order two Delta Quicklinks so their straps will lay flat.

Click Here for our recommendations on Screw Gate VS Autolock carabiners.

Assembled Length hardare: 12.5" to 24" depending on choice
Strength Rating hardware: 23kN to 30kN depending on choice
Total Weight hardware: 2.75lbs to 4.5lbs depending on choice

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