Premium Bar Tape

We have recently delevoped a new bar wrap that we aboslutely LOVE!

For Years we have been re-selling athletic and medical tape made by Mueller, Cramer, and other manufacturers. However, there were always mild problems with their tape and they were never really perfect for our aerial application.

So We Got Our Own!!
November 2016 we introduced the first Aerial Arts bar wrap! And now in May we have introduced an even better version that is 20 yards, You can now wrap an entire lyra with only one roll of bar tape!

This tape is fantastic.
It has great grip, leaves no mess, and is made for wrapping bar apparatus (whether trapeze, lyra, or anything else)! We are SO excited to be offering this new wrap and we can't wait to let you try it!!

Here are some selling points on our new tape:
- Hot melt adhesive for excellent lasting tackiness and NO ZINC! (which means less sticky residue on your hands)
- Unwinds easily and consistently all the way to the core
- Tears quickly and easily by hand
- 100% pure medical-grade cotton backcloth. Latex-free
- 20 yards x 1.5 inches. Long enough to wrap an entire lyra with one roll!

This tape can be used immediately after wrapping your equipment, for daily practice we still recommend using a bit of chalk to extend the life of your tape. 

We can ship up to 10 rolls of tape for the same cost as shipping just one roll, so consider ordering several rolls at a time to save yourself shipping costs!


Dimensions 20yrd L x 1.5" W

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