Boob Hoop (Breast Cancer Research)

Also known as a taco top lyra, the crescent shape on the top of the hoop allows enough space for a one OR two hand grip - making flags and other shapes possible.

Purchase a "Boob Hoop" today and 5% of the cost will go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).  Also, for a limited time, receive a free roll of pink tape with your Boob Hoop order!

Our lyras have tested to 1,400lb deformation and over 4,000lb breaking strength. Our tabs have a 9/16"hole allowing for the use of all standard carabiners.

All of our lyras are powder-coated black for a clean look and weather resistance. These lyra are strong, and easy to tape as well. Consider buying our premium bar tape as well - our extra long rolls will cover your entire hoop!

Evelyn Lauder, a breast cancer survivor and senior corporate vice president of The Estee Lauder Companies, founded the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) to help fund research and raise public awareness. Lauder is also the co-creator of the original pink ribbon launched in 1992 with Alexandra Penney, former editor-in-chief of Self magazine.

You can donate to BRCF online, through the mail, or over the phone. 

BRCF devotes 88 percent of its funds to research and 3 percent to breast cancer awareness programs.

In 2019, BCRF celebrated its 25th anniversary with its annual Hot Pink Party, a charity fundraiser which raised over $6 million on one night.

**Our lyras are measured by inside diameter.**

Due to recent postal service changes our lyras and specialty apparatuses are now considered oversize items. This means that we must ship them with FedEx or UPS, and we CANNOT ship them with USPS. Quotes provided at checkout may be inaccurate for international shipping. We will contact international customers regarding additional shipping costs.

Dimensions 34", 36" or 38" inside hoop diameter 3" space between hoop and tab
Weight approx 13 lbs (varies by size)

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